Monday, July 24, 2006


Today, my wallet was stolen by expert pickpocketing. There was some cash in there--not a whole lot--and tons of receipts I had accumulated. The receipts accounted for about 75% of the wallet's thickness. No biggie. Just have to be extra careful in the future.

(The last time some kind of thievery was personally made on me was when I was in sixth grade. The bloke wanted my watch, but decided to forego it the moment tears filled my eyes.)

I had just come from a doctor's check up. I decided to make some purchases in the supermarket and renew my love affair with the Lotto booth. It was fun getting reacquanited with the outside world. But on the way home, just before I reached the trike terminal, a young woman and her boyfriend approached me and said they had witnessed the deed. And, yes, my bag pocket was unzipped.

Of course, when two strangers would approach me with that kind of news, the first thing in my head would be, "Aha! So that's your M.O.!" But they looked like a sweet-enough couple, and had been lugging two large bags and a big umbrella. So I quickly shrugged off my ill thoughts. They even gave me P20 for fare. May they and their kind be happily and endlessly blessed.

Anyway, the perpetrators of today's wrongdoing may have something to look forward to. I hope my virus likes exploring.


Raida said...

Sorry to hear that you've been a pickpocketed but I'm glad they didn't get much...except hopefully a nice case of shingles.
I hope you don't have to go through the hastle of obtaining your bank, credit and I.D. cards over again. That's a pain.
Hope you feel better soon...and that those rotten theives are feeling quite unwell in the next few days. ;o)

zee said...

awwww. at least di ka naman sinakatan or anything. i think we have to be extra careful these days. wala na atang safe na place. kahit saan pwede kang mabiktima.

naku, sana usigin sya ng kunsensya nya.

get well soon pa rin and take care!

Carver said...

raida...hello! Yes, I'm going through the inconvenience of getting new cards. But all is good--I'm thinking something better will come out of all this. Thanks for the concern, and take care! :-D

zee...sila 'ata yung mga tipong non-confrontational. Basta get na lang nang get. Wala na sigurong konsyensya ag mga 'yun. Ingat lagi! :)

tobie said...

Sad to hear that Carl. Am happy though you were at least safe. Better to lose your money than be at the risk of bodily harm.

BTW, the AVP on the ZsaZsa Zaturnnah movie is up.

Sadly, am not that impressed with it. They keep talking about how they want to develop their vision when I personally feel it is YOUR vision they should be working on showing.


I am suddenly less excited with the movie. The sample shots of the costumes was very unsatisfactory.

Ed said...

Ah! Grabe, kaya ayaw ko maglagay ng pera sa wallet. Hehehe! I have money pero wala sa wallet. :D More extra careful next time, C. :)

decorator said...

oh boy... i dont like that when it happens.. it feels like na-violate ka...

anyway, you take care carl.. i miss you na...

vincedejesus said...

Shucks! Buti na lang hindi nakuha ang virginity at innocence mo. Yun ang mahirap palitan! :)

Ingat na lang next time, maraming masasamang boodhee na nagkalat diyan.

Chikahin kita next time tungkol sa latest sa ZSAZSA MOVIE.


Anonymous said...

That is just terrible!!! I'm glad you didn't get hurt or something. Hello from Oslo! Miss you na pare! Congrats on the way Zsazsa is flying these days. You truly deserve it. My friends here in Norway laughed their asses off when they read the English parts in the comic book. :-)

Carver said...

Tobie...Hehehe...maraming hindi na excited sa movie. Pero I'll hold my comments until I've seen the first edit.

Nga pala, congrats to your fifth with Panda Bear!! Hee hee! Miss you!

Ed...Thanks! Nga pala, I visited your inkers' blog! I got great tips from your inking series of posts. Galeng!!

Decorator... Miss you, too! See you next week!

Vince...Yah, penge ng chika!!! :)

Mark...Pare! Nasa Oslo ka pala! So tuloy na ba kayo? Hee hee. :-D

Anonymous said...

Tuloy na tuloy! :-)


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