'NSync with Himself

Lance and ReichenThe Web recently exploded with news that Lance Bass of 'NSync had come out of the closet in a People Magazine interview. And... that he's in a "stable relationship" with Amazing Race hunk Reichen Lehmkuhl. Yup, some guys have all the luck.

Bass, who I think has one of the better boyband voices, joins the ranks of Mark Feehily (Westlife) and Stephen Gately (Boyzone) in the boyband-member-who-comes-out-with-a-bang league. Now all we need now is someone from the Backstreet Boys. Hmmm... make an obvious guess.

The next trend should involve the girlie groups. Or maybe hardcore rock bands and ghetto rap stars. And, please, bisexual doesn't count.


Ganns said…
Brian Littrell - married Christian with kid

Kevin Richardson - married

Nick Carter - dated Paris Hilton

Is it Howie Dorough or AJ McLean?

What do I know? My gaydar broke down long ago.
Anonymous said…
oh my! i've heard about this as well. Lance pa naman is my favorite NSYNC member. what the hell's happening? hahaha! buti na lang i love gay people!

and i love you too Carlo! *nag wave din*

sa Backstreet Boys, baka si Howie! hahaha!
Anonymous said…
Hey you forgot Darren Hayes lol!
Unknown said…
With a name like LANCE, why are we all surprised? lol
Anonymous said…
ganns...My gaydar is about 70% accurate, but I don't use it all the time. Let's just wait and see. :)

zee...hee hee, baka nga! Thanks, dear. *double wave*

charles ravndal...oh Darren was a revelation waiting to happen. Heheheh.

isha... oh my, are we going into porno names now? Hahah!
Anonymous said…
Hmmm... I always thought BOYZ II MEN was a delivery service. Heehee
Anonymous said…
anonymous...Boyz II Men?...delivery ng ano??? heheheh
Unknown said…
I'm a bit older and a heavy, heavy new wave fanatic but many gay men have actually contributed to the best of the new wave sound in the early 80's -- there were two gay men from Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Marc Almond of Soft Cell is gay, Jimmy Somerville of Bronski Beat (later Communards), Pet Shop Boys, Boy George of Culture Club...

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