Friday, July 14, 2006

Having older brothers a factor in boys becoming gay
Men's Health News
Published: Tuesday, 27-Jun-2006

New research says that boys have a greater chance of becoming gay if they have older brothers.

Anthony Bogaert, of Brock University, Ontario, Canada, says a man's sexual orientation may be determined before he is born by the maternal response to carrying male foetuses.

Bogaert says the research provides the strongest evidence yet of a biological basis for male homosexuality and supports the theory of a pre-natal origin to sexual orientation development in men.

A decade or so ago researchers discovered that the more older brothers a boy had, the greater chance he had of being homosexual.

This was put down at the time to the psychological effect of having older brothers on the family dynamics, which possibly affected sexual orientation.

According to the Canadian researchers for each brother that precedes him, a boy's likelihood of growing up gay increases by a third.

Read more at News-Medical.

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Hmmm....First it was research on the size of the hypothalmus, not this. How much would change if there was, indeed, irrefutable proof that homosexuality had biological origins? And if there would be a major change for worse, how bad would it be?

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