Monday, May 22, 2006

I took my niece out this afternoon for some bonding time. After shopping for multivitamins and a few veggies, having a quick dinner at Star Carrots and burning money in Timezone, we caught Dreamworks Animation's Over the Hedge, a really satisfying piece despite its ho-hum trailer. While a lot of current computer-generated flicks screamed of merchandising opportunities, Over the Hedge can be forgiven with its decent story, interesting characters, and a balance of sequences that kids and adults would enjoy. There are moments I found truly touching, and the climactic sequence involving the hyper Hammie the squirrel is a stroke of genius. Avril Lavigne lends her voice here, perhaps as a way to attract her demographic.

After the movie, I checked my phone for messages. I got five, and all of them referred to the Rated K segment that featured Eula Valdez and Zsazsa Zaturnnah. The show even flashed my picture, the messages said. First thing on my mind was...which picture, and how did the producers get their hands on it? (A moot issue, really, given the resourcefulness of them media types.) My mom and brother caught the show, while my sister saw the tail-end of it. Thankfully, it seems that the show flashed one of my few good pics--I generally don't look good on television. At least to me.

Speaking of television appearances, my boss had me join a segment of Welcome Home (Studio 23) in which we talked about the Real Home Ideas book. We had the shoot weeks ago and the expertly edited finished product was shown last Sunday, I believe. I wasn't able to see it, but my co-workers said I registered well.

As far as the Zaturnnah movie goes, current talks have Cindy Kurleto to play Queen Femina and Alfred Vargas for Dodong, though there's still no final word. There may be a change of director as well. Someone told me that nothing's ever final until the first shooting day, so we'll just see how things evolve from now on. I'm grateful that there are people who have expressed concern over how the final film is going to look, and I must admit that there was a point during the process where I was genuinely worried. But I've tossed those worries to the four winds; it's all out of my hands given the external factors involved. I just need to trust Regal Films to take care of the material, just enough to come up with a film that won't be a total waste of life or money.

At least the screenplay looks good to me. That's a start.


Laurel Johnson said...

Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment on my blog, Carver. Sounds to me like you have made inroads into success. Best of luck to you.

Carver said...

Thanks Laurel. It's like going through a dervish, but I can only be grateful, as well as realistic about the whole thing. Good luck to you as well.

decorator said...

have to admit, i miss doing grocery... its bee a long time, i barely have time to sleep..


and carlo, you look fabulous... even in your most ngarag state! wala akong kaibigan na pangit!

Reel Fanatic said...

I too had very low expectations after seeing the trailer, but was pleasantly surprised .. it was very intelligent, and very, very funny ... I thought Garry Shandling's voice work for the turtle was outstanding

Dinno Erece said...

'At least the screenplay looks good to me. That's a start.'

thanks so much c",)

Carver said...

decorator...guwaping ka rin, pare! :)

reel fanatic...thanks for visiting my blog! Gary Shandling was good, and so was William Shatner! :-)

dinno!!! You're welcome! May updates pa ba? Heheheh


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