Thursday, May 18, 2006

Da Vinci Cold

So I got a free ticket to a screening of Ron Howard's The Da Vinci Code. (Thanks much, Cams!) The film isn't very impressive--though it's got a very few interesting qualities--so I suggest you wait for the cable release.

The Roman Catholic higher-ups may be delighted to note that most critics had lukewarm to outright negative reviews of the film. For sure, box office returns will surely spike during the first couple of weeks because of the controversy surrounding this Tom Hanks starrer, but I'd like to think that thereafter ticket buyers will quickly go for more engaging fare. (Especially with X-Men: The Last Stand around the corner...Yay!!)

The Da Vinci Code combines elements of a conspiracy thriller, a murder mystery, and a family drama, with loads of "religious history" iced on. The irony of it all, in my book, is that you have all these elements coming at you over the span of two-and-a-half hours, and none ever reach a satisfying level. There are parts that feel forced, parts that feel dry, and parts that are utterly dragging. I heard that Dan Brown's bestseller is, as a pure pageturner, serviceable fiction. To me, the movie adaptation comes even notches lower than that.

Half-cooked popcorn that quickly got cold.


decorator said...


Zsazsa is hilarious but this one is a lot funnier!!! you're in your element when you bitch around.

ginising mo ako, wala pa akong tulog sa kakadrawing at inaantok na ko but when i got to read this one, wow, di ko kailangan ng redbull!

Momel said...

I was planning to watch it since I wasn't able to read the daem thing in the first place. But I was too busy gambling in the poolhall, so I didn't.
Good thing I love playing pool more than over-advertised films.

Carver said...

decorator...Nakakatawa ba???? Hehehehe. Di naman mashadow. :-)

Momel...Mukhang mas masaya ang gambling sa poolhall. :)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I think the film faltered in two aspects--one was supposedly an urgency that didn't feel urgent enough, and another was an emotional resonance that didn't resonate strongly enough. Concepts, siyempre fantastic, given all the historical factoids, anagrams, etc. and how they link (complete with parts that reminded me of "A Beautiful Mind," also by Ron Howard and Akiva Goldsman). But as a movie, nabitin ako sa Da Vinci Code.

Saint Eroica said...

and it doesn't even deserve that much attention the sectors are giving the film! di ba nila maintindihan yun???? btw, thanks sa gift nyo ni alain and jay kay enzo!!!! he loves it!!!

zee said...

watched it this afternoon. i haven't finished reading the book so i don't have much basis for comparison. pero ok naman sya for me.

though i have to agree about box office returns will surely spike during the first couple of weeks because of the controversy surrounding the film. hay naku. kung nakita mo ang haba ng pila! considering 6 cinemas pa yun ha. parang Ze Muzikal lang. :)

Carver said...

erica...Well, that's Hollywood. And you're welcome sa gift. Heheheh.

zee...well, certified record holder ang box office returns niya sa 'Pinas. During my usual caffeine break at a cafe after watching the movie, there were these two guys on the other table really raving about it. So kanya-kanyang banat lang 'yun.


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