Monday, April 10, 2006

My schedule for this month is particularly packed. I may have to go to work on weekends, even on Holy Thursday and Easter Sunday. So I may not be able to post as regularly or as often.

Those who plan to watch the Zaturnnah Muzikal rerun may call Ticketworld at 8919999 to know which of their branches are selling tickets, or Tanghalang Pilipino at 8323661 for more info. So far, I'm sure to watch the last show, April 30 7:30pm. I wish I could watch the earlier shows, but I don't know if my work will permit me. Kaya sa mga gustong manood, go na. Now na. Baka maubusan kayo ulit.

I just accepted a new project from Graphic Classics, so that's going to be taking up a good portion of my time beginning May. More research is involved here--16th century France and Italy. It's an interesting new challenge, since I have to evoke a darker atmosphere in my artwork. Gerry Alanguilan's artwork in Graphic Classics: Rafael Sabatini serves as my inspiration for the new project. Nakakaloka ang gawa ni Gerry du'n. Konti na lang at sasambahin ko na siya, complete with religious vestments. Incidentally, I have yet to get Arnold Arre's new Andong Agimat graphic novel. Out of the many current Filipino comics creators, Arnold is one of the few who actually has the word THE before his name, THE with the long "e" if you will. (Say it with me...THE Arnold Arre.)

The only movie I've seen recently was Nanny McPhee. Nakakatuwa siya, though it may have been too dragging for the young'uns. My seven year-old niece surprisingly chose that over Ice Age 2, and it was too bad that a lot of the nuances in the dialogue slipped past her. I knew she was expecting a lot of magic, which the trailer seemed to promise, but the film didn't have a lot of it. At least, when I looked at it from a kid's point of view.

Anyway, gotta jet. Back to work.


zee said...

awwww, we'll be watching on the 22nd. we hope to see you there.

watch Rent! it's fantabulous!


Budjette said...

ay naku... another GRAPHIC CLASSICS assignment?!!! Best to take your sanity pills before you begin.

Jheck David said...

hello, sir carlo! sana you could drop by on the 23rd at 230 pm para po mapapirmahan ko 'yung book. we had it long before the play. two years na ata. :-) it would mean a lot to us. we wanted to watch on the 30th sana kaso my friend will be out of town by then. di talaga kinaya ng powers namin. anyway, hope you could squeezed us in you hectic sked.


Jac said...

You've always been THE Carlo Vergara to me ;)

Slvrdlphn said...

Hey, folks. A friend of mine here backed out of the April 30 show so I have ONE SEAT beside me right by the thrust available ... plus a few more seats elsewhere besides. hehehe

If anyone is interested, let me know. Btw, I am not giving away the tickets, ha. Tumutulong lang po ako kay Carl. :)

guile said...

i thought kelly macdonald was cute in nanny mcphee :)..

Anonymous said...

I'm really glad things are going well for you.

You deserve it.

Love you, Carl.

- Angelo :-)


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