ME: Siguro nama'y na-experience na ninyo ang ganitong sitwasyon na sold-out kaagad ang isang production.

Tanghalang Pilipino representative: Actually hindi pa. Ngayon lang.

ME: E, di ang ganda ng problema ninyo!

TP Rep: Noong una, magandang problema. Pero naging tunay na siyang problema, nakakainis. (laughs)

- - - - - - - - - -

With that, TP adds two more shows. Feb 26 and Mar 5, Sundays at 8pm. Call Tanghalang Pilipino at 8323661 to reserve. Now na!


Luis K. said…
Congratulations again, Carlo! :) One thing I've been meaning to ask, since I only saw the rehearsal: does Queen Femina actually change into a 'battlesuit' during the show? I ask not out of any prurient interest, you understand, *cough cough* but because I wanted to write about ze muzikal for my column, and we were wondering what the 'towel scene' in the rehearsal was for (since she didn't change outfits). :)
Carver said…
Luis...Yes, Queen Femina does change into the VanessaLeon Battle Gown. :-) Please let me know when and where I can catch your column.
Anonymous said…
Hi! Just wanted to tell you that we were a bit disappointed with the reservation of tickets. I'm sure you know about the rescheduling of some of those who reserved tockets to watch the show. Just wanted to share my thoughts and disappointments. I undertand the side of those from CCP/Tanghalang Pilipino since I also worked for a theater company before. But, I just find it so unprofessional of them to inform us of the change of skeds 2 days before the date of our reservation. 1 person even told us that even if we reserved tickets for a certain date, its still not sure/confirmed. I mean, why bother telling us to reserve tickets when its not even sure?
Its just a trauamtic experience for us, to think that this will be our first time to watch a play by the Tanghalang Pilipino. We just can't help but compare them to other theater productions, which we never encountered any problems.
Un lang po, just wanted to share my sentiments with you. We will still watch because we've waited so long for this play. Congrats and God bless!
Jamiebau said…
Congrats, Carl! Iyay was telling me that all the CCP folks are a-buzz talking about the play. She said it's almost unheard of that a production gets sold out like yours has. You're a bona fide phenomenon! :-)

Iyay has free tickets from BP, but I don't know kung makakasakay ako sa tickets niya. But I'll definitely be watching somehow. Buti na lang may extra dates. :-)
zee said…
i'd definitely watch AGAIN! haha. i missed that Queen Femina Battlesuit at the TDR. :)

hey nice meeting you, Carlo!


Anonymous said…
The show is great but, sad to say, that one of the Tanghalang Pilipino people who manages ticket reservations (the one named Lani) nearly ruined the experience.

That lady is one very rude person.
Anonymous said…
add more shows pleaseee haah di ako nakabili :(
Anonymous said…
gah same sentiments as to some here. i was reserved two tickets (2 lang ha!) for a show slated feb 24 (monthsary namin ni honey...) and guess what, the day mismo ng pickup ko sa tickets i got brushed off by a dennis m. telling me that kokun events (whatever that is) has a LOT of tickets reserved and that i had to be rescheduled to mar 3 or 4 or 5. pero sure slots na daw. like WTF?!! ccp has to do something.

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