I skipped work today--wasn't feeling that well. Must've been that overnight stay at the office to meet deadlines. Working long hours alone at an office isn't new to me, but I could do without hearing fingers gliding across a keyboard from another cubicle at four in the morning.

Went to the mall to get some medication. Decided to entertain myself with an Ang Lee fix. Bad idea. I left Brokeback Mountain with an anvil hanging inside my chest. Even if I wasn't able to get a lot out of the dialogue, particularly from Heath Ledger's Ennis Del Mar, the film had the emotional weight of a steamroller, running over the heart as Jake Gylenhaal's Jack Twist utters the soon-to-be-classic line, "I don't know how to quit you."

Maybe I should try another film, like I Will Always Love You.


Anonymous said…
Close to You nalang. :p
Anonymous said…
Three days after seeing the movie, I still find myself melancholic and zoning out thinking of the fate of these two lovers. Wrenching but beautiful.
Luis K. said…
Hi Carlo! Just found out now that my Zsazsa review came out in the Bulletin... yesterday. :p But at least you can read it online. :)
Tobie said…
Powerful powerful movie.
I still cry when I watch it.

Beautiful and powerful movie.

"If you can't change it, you gotta stand it" - Ennis del Mar
Anonymous said…
anonymous... I just might. Hehehe

Mark and Tobie...Ang lakas ng zone-out action niya! Makes one think about that lost chance...*sigh*

Luis...Nakita ko na siya! Thanks much! MWAH!
Anonymous said…
I wish I knew how to quit you.


Watch Close to You. :-)

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