Monday, February 06, 2006

I don't like writing long blog posts, so I'll have to summarize the weekend's events in bullet points...

  • Spent two hours at the gym, working on the upper body. Now I'm sweetly sore. Yippeeee!! And they finally fixed the steam room! Double Yippeeeee!!
  • Reviewed material for a comics project for a client. Have to meet about it soon because it's a bit complex. The book isn't for commercial release. At least, that's what I think.
  • Met with a friend from Davao who I hadn't seen since 2001. We talked about his frustrations about the medical practice, then poked a bit about the good-looking chap seated at a table beside us. The chap was one of those lookers whom you might admire exclusively as a wall ornament. He and his companions were talking about bars and night clubs.
  • Planned more for Zsazsa In Manila. Sketching, sketching, sketching...

  • Went to UP to watch three one-act plays by National Artist Severino Montano -- Sabina, The Ladies and the Senator, and Paalaman sa Calamba. Three of my friends were part of the production. Before the show started, a guy walked in and sat about three feet away from me. I thought, "Hmmm, this guy looks like Yul Servo." Then he sat beside me. I thought, "Homaygas! It is Yul Servo!" Then he started talking to me. I thought, "Tone down on the perfume, Yul Servo." But he's a nice, smiley, and boyishly amiable chap. And I agree with some folks that he's got some natural heat going about him, if you know what I mean. *sizzle* Anyway, the show ended and I said goodbye to my friends. Ditto to Mr. Servo, though I never bothered telling him my name. Ain't like I'd see him again.
  • Went to CCP to watch the rehearsals. They had moved to the Huseng Batute theater where the set had up. Everyone in the cast was present, except for Lauren Novero. They had a run-through of the whole musical, stopping prematurely towards the end of the second act because of a lighting problem. But it was interesting to see everything fall into place, as well as a preview of some of the "effects" they'll be using. I'm generally happy with it, even if it was still a raw version. The main cast is a delight to watch and the chorus is a versatile and energetic bunch, though overall I hope that the words of the songs get through clearly come showtime. It looks very exhausting for the actors, particualry for Eula. (By the way, Arnold Reyes does have enough of Dodong's noodles to make my eyeballs bleed. I almost fainted.)

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ubq2s said...

i was one of the people in line for the autographs during the Saturday matinee.

found your blog while looking for Arnold’s pictures online. yes, my eyeballs almost bled when i saw him too.


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