What a day!

I went to the "press lunch" today, as Tanghalang Pilipino told me that members of the press wanted to meet me. So off I went to Dencio's beside the Cultural Center of the Philippines and ended up hardly having any lunch at all, as for most of the time I was chatting with a press person about the book and the musical. But it was all good; the atmosphere was very light and positive. I met Eula and Agot and got to see Tuxqs and Ricci again, all of whom said that their rehearsals have been major laugh trips.

More details within the week. I need to meet a deadline. Heheheh.


Anonymous said…
is Agot supposed to be ZsaZsa as well? or will she be the villain? :)
Anonymous said…
anonymous... Agot will have her first kontrabida role. :-)
Anonymous said…

was actually thinking na alternates sila ni eula for zsazsa... or kontrabida rin si eula???

sobra na talagang nakaka-excite ito, grabe to the nth power.

hopefully they'll do tv promo as well. the pipol need to know about this!
Anonymous said…
Nida... ay, tv promo... di ko alam kung ano ang budget nila. heheh.

Gerry... Ang ganda-ganda ni Eula! Ang ganda-ganda nilang lahat! :-) Belated Happy Birthday!

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