Friday, November 25, 2005

The Original Soundtrack of my Life

Got tagged by Mida for this one. Here we go...

Not so much the song I'd play, but the song that suddenly creeps into my brain when I'm. . .

1. Lonely Or Down
Tori Amos' 10,000 Oceans
Kathy Troccoli's Stubborn Love

2. In Love
Leigh Nash's I Need To Be Next To You
Jason and DeMarco's All I Long For

3. Fighting With Your Significant Other
Linkin Park's In The End
Alanis Morissette's You Oughta Know

4. Having Sex
Debbie Gibson's Losing Myself (Yeah, yeah, it's that Debbie Gibson!)
Janet Jackson's If and That's the Way Love Goes

5. Nursing A Broken Heart
Allure's Last Chance
Regine Velasquez' Dadalhin
Julia Fordham's Towerblock

6. In Need of Cheering Up
Stacie Orrico's Strong Enough
Christina Aguilera's Soar
Whitnet Houston and Mariah Carey's When You Believe

7. About To Embark On A Road Trip
Eraserhead's Alapaap
WHAM!'s Wake Me Up Before You Go-go

8. Sunbathing On A Tropical Beach
Beach Boys' Kokomo (How literal!)

9. Feeling Groggy And Need To Wake Up
Guns and Roses' Sweet Child of Mine

10. Feeling Suicidal
INXS' Devil Inside
Madonna's Love Don't Live Here Anymore

11. Angry, Very Angry
(no answer)

12. Singing At The Videoke Bar
Oh, too many to mention!

13. Singing, Dancing And Drunk Off Your Ass
Don't have any.

14. Playing Air Guitar
I know I have one, but I forget.

15. Chilling On A Rainy Afternoon
B-52's Deadbeat Club

16. Reminiscing About High School
Tears for Fears' Shout
Industry's State of the Nation

17. Reminiscing About College
Anything from Rick Astley

18. Getting Married
Zsazsa Padilla's Ikaw Lamang
Sharon Cuneta's Ikaw

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