ICON magazine releases its fifth issue, which is also its first anniversary issue. It's common knowledge that LGBT magazines have to fight tooth and nail to stay alive in this country, yet ICON seems to be growing more and more with each issue. Congratulations to the ICON team!

Rafael Rosell continues the high-profile cover model culture of ICON--following Brent Javier and Borgy Manotoc in the last two issues--which is sure to please his fans and admirers, as well as rice queens from all over. (His Bench Body billboards are hazardous, to say the least.) ICON has been receiving fan mail from as far as Europe and the US, so overseas distribution is not a far-fetched idea.

The fifth issue features, among other subjects, Filipino LGBT celebrities who have made a mark in the international scene. The mag's Invasion theme is very appropo.

ICON is sizzling on the newsstands, so go get some.


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