Monday, October 24, 2005


First off, congratulations to the organizers of the recent Komikon!!! From the way things turned out, it looked like it was grand success. Sorry to those who were aching to get a copy of One Night In Purgatory. I didn't think anyone would buy, so there were just four copies at the Alamat table. (Thanks for the help, Fero!). I heard that the four copies flew rather quickly.

Since I've been out of circulation for a very long time, I got a good lift from seeing and chatting with folks I haven't crossed paths with in a long time--Gerry and Ilyn Alanguilan, Wilson Tortosa, Tobie Abad (with his Panda Bear), Oliver Pulumbarit, Vin Simbulan, Andrew Drilon, Marco Dimaano, Jac Lim, Jonas Diego, and a whole bunch'a others.

I was with David Hontiveros at the Alamat table, where he debuted not one, not two, but three horror novellas, all under Visual Print Enterprises (Zsazsa Zaturnnah' studio). I did the cover art for one of the books, Craving. If you guys are into the horror thing, then do get copies of his works.

In fact, David and I will be in Makati on Friday the 28th for a widdle book signing. I have to confirm the venue and time, however, and will post details soonest. Also with us will be Manix Abrera, putting a face on his first Kiko Machine compilation, another fly-off-the-table winner at the Komikon.

Oh, and major thanks to Dennis Villegas for giving me a copy of the Kenkoy compilation of classic strips. I shall treasure it, for sure.

Looking forward to the next 'kon!!

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