Monday, October 17, 2005

Loving It

I just loooooove my job. It's, like, one of the best things that's ever happened to me in years. I've already done four issues worth of layouts for Real Living, plus art directing photo shoots, learning a bit about styling and interior design, and even contributing an article. (That article appears in the November issue.) What's more, my proposal for a marketing program for the mag was recently approved by the higher-ups.

Like many Real Living readers, one of my favorite parts of the magazine is the makeover section, wherein close to miraculous room transformations are featured, not unlike those we'd see on the Lifestyle Network. And these transformations cost a fraction of the price of a laptop, which bucks the notion that interior design can only be had by the deepest pockets.

What particularly delighted me during the first few weeks on the job was learning about the "occasional chair." Yeah, I know--so if it's a chair on some occasions, what is it on others? I had myself a fine chuckle with that thought.

An occasional chair is simply how it's described. It's a chair that one uses "on occasion," not for an extended period. It isn't meant for lounging. (Traditionally, occasional chairs are armchairs, but furniture designers have taken a few liberties with the term.) Most restaurants use occasional chairs, perhaps to discourage customers from becoming too comfortable. You'll also see occasional chairs in hotel lobbies, like those just outside restrooms. Shown here is the Infinity Chair designed by Karim Rashid for Label.

Just as I had digested that concept came the equally mystifying "occasional table." It's like the side tables that we have on both sides of the bed or sofa, but occasional tables are markedly smaller and often don't have anything more than the top surface and legs. Neat-o burrito, eh?

Of course, to many, who gives a flying fig, right? A chair's a chair and a table's a table--which was my sentiment exactly before I took the job. But that's the interesting thing about being in the design field--each discipline lets you see the world in different ways, shares with you its unique language, and deals with important technical issues that laymen would find hard to grasp, if not trivial. (Like in graphic design, it sometimes requires extra energy to explain to a client why some colors can't be reproduced by a four-color press.) I don't intend to dive into interior design beyond the basics, but it's nice to learn something new everyday. Or occasionally.

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Saint Eroica said...

i'm happy that you're loving your job.... good luck!!! meet tayo ulit! ;)

Anonymous said...

you're back! you're back! miss you pare! ;)


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