Hooooookay... so what's been going on? Hmmm...

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I don't smoke as much as I used to. Recently, in fact, there had been days when a pack of cigarettes would last for two days, compared to that bygone era when I'd puff more than a pack each day. And the coolest bit is that I didn't exert an ounce of effort to reduce my nicotine intake. None of that "I swear to the Almighty I'm not going to smoke." It just happened. It's refreshing to be able to eat in a non-smoking restaurant without feeling the need to step out to light up. I still have ciggies with coffee, though; that may be a bit tougher to eliminate. But I look forward to that day when I'd completely kick the habit.

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My concept for a new graphic novel is slowly expanding into an outline. It's a relatively short piece in English, maybe about 80 to 90 pages. (Which, by my personal definition, qualifies as a "graphic novella") It's gay but not quite, and I'll leave it at that. Zaturnnah in Manila is still frozen in writing limbo, given a couple of plot points I need to resolve, but I've faith that solutions will fall on my lap soon. I'd like to release something in late-2006. Whatever that book will be, only time will tell.

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For those who've been asking me when the auditions for Zsazsa Zaturnnah the Musical will be, I was informed by Tanghalang Pilipino that it should be taking place around late-November or December. And yes, dearies, you still have to audition even if you just want to be a zombie.-

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I was at Galleria today to pick up on my "gymming" regimen after a month of "non-gymming." I want to try the boxing class but I have to pay extra for it. No, thanks. Anyways, I spent the rest of the late afternoon pondering over getting either a Creative 5GB MP3 player and a camera phone or an O2XDA IIi. I ended up happily not spending at all.

But since I really would like to have an MP3 player, I mulled over a mass market-friendly Popcom model, the one that has no built-in memory but has an SD card slot. It's worth P2000 with a warranty, and it runs on a AAA battery. If I get a 256MB SD card, then I'd have an MP3 player that'll cost less than other 256MB flash drive-based models, plus the option of getting additional cards only when I want to listen to more songs. But, yeah, it's a Popcom. I'm not a brand-freak as far as that's concerned.


i was wondering about you!!!!! zsa zsa on stage????? WOW!!!! can't wait!!
Anonymous said…
Helllloooooo love! Yup, I can't wait as well. :-) I hope you're doing good. A bit busy now (what else is new), but I do hope we could meet soon . HUGS
Charles said…
Yey, updates! Glad to know you're "okay". =)
Anonymous said…
Eyyy, charles. Very very okay. :-)
jonasdiego said…
"Anung motivation ko for this scene as a zombie, direk?"

Can wannabe actors audition, Carlo? I wanna be a zombie! :D
Anonymous said…
Jonas: The motivation of the much coveted role of 'manyak zombie' is... to pull Dodong's pants down. Heheheh

So I guess you might want to be one of the other common zombies.

I know anyone can audition, but since I hear left and right of actors wanting a part in the production, it seems pretty much a tight contest. But who knows, maybe a 'wannabe actor' may just get a plum role. :-)

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