Sunday, October 30, 2005

The Friday book signing event was, as expected, a quiet affair. Since it was a rainy mid-afternoon affair, there were just about a dozen or so people who came to buy books and have them signed. I expected the venue to be on the chilly side, so I bought a jacket earlier that day only to find that I didn't need it in the first place. Oh well, at least I have nice crispy jacket now.

Manix Abrera came with his bandmates, one of whom was in a full Spiderman get-up. I must admit, I'm so used to seeing costumed enthusiasts at conventions, but not in a book signing in Powerbooks, especially that he (dubbed "Spider-Dan") was the only one in a skin-tight red and blue. It was great to see Gerry Alanguilan there, clicking away with his digicam, as well as Karen Kunawicz who sported a Corpse Bride tee.

Thanks to Visual Print Enterprises for setting up the whole deal!

After the event, David and I went around Powerbooks to look and talk about the book covers, finding delight in one particular tome entitled, "Evil Serial Killers," and wondering who the good ones were. Dinner was at KFC Greenbelt, and I was pleased to discover that their P66.00 Chicken Steak meal (chicken steak with rice, side salad and soup) indeed looked like a 66-buck meal. If you're looking for a very light but complete meal, this is the one.

We went on our separate ways after I made a few purchases at National Bookstore. I walked around Greenbelt for a while to check if there was anything new to note. Sketchbooks had its usual shelves of graphic novels and I pondered on getting the 498-peso A History of Violence. Decided not to--maybe some other time. I stopped by Global Cafe when I realized that I needed more than a light dinner, and devoured a serving of their spicy minced chicken. Then I made my way through the cavernous interior design exhibit of graduating PSID students; it's something I would never have done if I didn't have the relevant job. I also got myself three music CDs--my very first music CD purchases.

I ended the day at Starbucks since Gloria Jean's was too full, to reflect over the day with a few ciggies and a tall brew. And at11:30pm, I headed home.

Any insight after all this? Not much. No epiphanies. No rays of sun bursting through cloud covers. No life-changing realizations. I just had a great great day, and that's all that really matters, right?

Back to work.


Dennis said...

Very cool blog Carlo! I love your writing style! Can't wait to read your 2nd ZsaZsa Zaturnnah book. Hmmm, I'd buy the first ten copes when it comes out....As a support to keep you writing, and writing....

Angelo said...

I'm SORRY I missed that book signing. :(

angelomilco's hunski said...

Carlo!!!! I didn't know you had a book signing-I would have e-mailed the gazillions of ZsaZsa fans in the our database to attack powerbooks. Next time =)

Carver said...

Dennis... hello! thanks so much for the Kenkoy book. :-) And thanks for all your support sa career ko. (O 'di ba't showbiz? Hehehe) Thanks for visiting my blog.

Angelomilco...Okay lang 'yan, guwapo. Next time uli. :-)

Angelomilco's hunski...Nakows! A mob of homosexuals! Afraid! Heheheh, joke. Miss you both!

guile said...

corpse bride is a wickedly gleeful banquet of morbid invention :).. by the way, nice, cozy place you got here :)..

Carver said...

Hello guile! :-) Thanks for stopping by.


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