Friday, September 02, 2005


So you may have heard that bit of news where a New York art exhibit was ordered closed--or else face legal action--by DC Comics, undoubtedly upset over the artist Mark Chamberlain's depiction of Batman and Robin in homoerotic acts. As that bit of controversy just about fizzled out, here comes another one.

Several religious leaders in Australia are protesting the controversial piece called Crusci-fiction, which consists of a roomful of 25 replicas of robot C3P0 hanging on crosses. This is part of the False Idols exhibition, which opens soon at Fitzroy's Intrude Gallery.

Artist Jud Wimhurst defends his work by saying, "We're talking about products and the fact that everything's for sale. Both technology and religion are for sale today."

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I saw Kobayashi Masaki's Kwaidan with my boss at the Shangri-La theater last night. The film is part of the Eiga Sai 2005 exhibition of Japanese horror films. I heard that Kwaidan was released in hte 1960s, but there are a lot of elements in it that are reflected in modern J-horror.

There were a good number of hecklers in the theater and it was hard to concentrate on the film. There was this guy beside my boss who apparently wanted to impress the girl who was with him, one of those date things. Then there's the group of homosexuals behind me who had something to say every other minute. But I suppose that with free admission, you end up with a lot of those people.

A friend of my cousin did the most practical thing in a similar situation. She went to the security guard, led him inside and, with an accusing finger pointing towards the offenders, said, "That's them." The offenders were escorted out of the theater. I wonder if that'll work everywhere.


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Carver said...

Okay... can someone tell me how to get rid of these automatons...

Saint Eroica said...

what the...???

Jonas Diego said...

Carver, you can enable the word verification option in your blog sa comment tab sa control panel mo. Medyo tedious nga lang kapag magko-comment kasi magta-type ka ng isang word to verify you're not a bot spammer.

These spammers are bots kasi.

Blogger is doing something about this na but in the meantime the word verification option will greatly reduce the number of your spammers.

God, I sound like a friggin' commercial. :)

Carver said...

And that public service announcement was brought to you by Jonas Diego. :-)


Elbert said...

In the future, movie theaters will have ejector seats that will throw hecklers out of the place. :)

Miss you na Carl!

Carver said...

El...too many people will be flying from the that's entertainment. :-)

Miss you.


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