Queers of Pop

Aren't they gorgeous?

In 1999, Boyzone's Stephen Gately announced to the public that he was gay, eliciting mixed reactions from the Irish heartthrob's fans. Yet, he got the support of family, friends, and his band fellows which, I suppose, is especially important when one reaches a ridiculous level of stardom. When Boyzone first stepped into the limelight, I must confess that I found Gately the cutest of the five. And whaddaya know? As one stand-up comedian had said, birds of the same feather have the same bird...

When Westlife's Mark Feehily did the Gately just last week, it reinforces that unwritten law that at least one member of any boyband is homosexual. It would be wise, then, for female fans to screen new bands via world-standard gaydar to avoid disappointment later on.

Gately's admittance included having a relationship with Eloy de Jong, the towering member of the long-defunct Dutch boyband Caught In The Act. (The relationship ended nearly two years after.) But now that the boyband craze is at the bottom of the pop music cycle, any revelation beyond this point would not have as much an impact as Gately's had six years ago.

So who's next? There's a piece of circulating email suggesting that Rob Thomas is bisexual, as well as feedback about how his first solo music video bore shades of Ricky Martin. It's a thing that makes one go 'hmmmm' one octave higher than usual. Maybe that would be the next pop music shocker--the vocalist of a chart-topping rock band coming out of the closet.

But what I'd really like to see is a musical artist reach mega-ultra-hyper-superstardom even if the world knew he or she was homosexual. (I've downloaded songs by a number of gay musicians and a lot of them were catchy and radio-friendly.) Not going to happen anytime soon, but I hope it will in my lifetime.


Anonymous said…
A one-cloumn article in Manila Bulletin today reported that Jason Mraz claims he's bisexual... "a bisexually open mind" at that. He has never been in a sexual relationship with a man, but "if the right one came along, then sure" quips Mraz. According to the article, he is currently in a relationship with a beautiful young lady but adds, "She's a tomboy, if that helps." :)

"... girls will be boys and boys will be girls, it's a mixed-up, mumbled-up, shook-up world..."
Anonymous said…
Oh, the confusion!!! But, really... have you ever met a true-blue, down-to-the-bone 100%-certified by-the-book male bisexual? I haven't.

Miss ya! :-)
Anonymous said…
:p Neither have I. Filipino guys use the term bisexual loosely, you know. Hate it! Hehehe.

Hey, it was nice seeing you tonight! Thanks for coming! See you again, soon, pare. :)
Chase said…
It's the other way around here in the Philippines. I'm thinking of the Hunks. Well, at least one of them is not gay. Masculados, one of them is not gay. Viva Hot Men, one of them is not gay.

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