Thursday, August 18, 2005


Today I got myself a new bag. A light blue Illustrazio shoulder bag that gives me some variety over my usual backpacks, which have begun to smell of sun and humidity like old unwashed denim. The loyal green backpack that I use more often has a few stains on it, and there's some kind of brown powdery residue inside. The resilient red one that I use on gym days deserves a break--it's my week off from iron pumping--so a massage courtesy of our able laundry woman should provide it relief.

Two weeks ago, I bought a pair of jeans, straight-comfort cut by RRJ (Funk you!). The size 33 looked great on me when I tried it on. But now I have to wear it with a belt. I should flatter myself because of the rapid decrease in my waistline, but to do so would be subscribing to a big lie; my waist measurement still rests close to 36 inches (believe it or not). The fabric stretch is a phenomenon I couldn't get used to till now, and most of my pants had undergone the mutation.

Days prior to the jeans purchase, I got a couple of shirts. So I'd like to thank Robinson's Department Store for my outfit.

It's already been close to three months since I took the job at Summit, but I feel like I've made more fashion-related purchases during this time compared to the whole of last year. More often I head for the bargain bins for the shirts, and I try not to spend too much on pants. Shoes, well... I could shell out P400 to P800 for something off a wailing wall.

When I need a quick change after being drenched in a freak downpour, a quick walk to the men's section solves the problem. If work shoves at my stress barometer, I escape the office confines and dive into a store, any store, or take a breather in a coffee shop. (I alternate between Taka's, Mocha Blends, Figaro, and Bo's Coffee Club) If I need to pay a bill, the department store bayad center is a few minutes away. And the fully-stocked supermarket is just a stone's throw away. All under one roof, in fully air-conditioned comfort.

Going home, I step out of the mall and immediately jump into a waiting jeep at the terminal.

But working in a mall has that major drawback. One morning I decided to take a short break and grab a quick coffee at Gloria Jean's. On my way there, my head turned.. "Ooooh... Terranova has a saaaale....," thus activating the zombie subroutine in my brain. Thank goodness the sale wasn't the cheaper-than-dirt kind. But then, I'm beginning to find the beauty behind shopping therapy; the bag I just got was a result of that. And, quite strangely, I felt great after that. Bad news.

Sooner or later, I'm going to get tired of the mall, as a lot of my co-workers have. But I'm taking advantage of the gym and the supermarket and a whole lot of other shops being within easy reach. I can save time while not going too far. But it gets difficult managing the expenses.


Saint Eroica said...

welcome to the club og shoppers!!! lets do malling together some time... :)

Angelo said...

What is this I read? Carlo Vergara is turning into a shopping guy? Hehe! :)

And how come you didn't bring me along with you?

Take care. Super super super miss you! :D

Zandro Noel said...

Hi. :) How appropriate I should follow Angelo. I just chatted with the guy just 30 minutes ago. I consider him a close personal friend. He just sent me a package with a signed copy of One Night In Purgatory. I've read it and I LOVE IT. It really hit a cord because like Casey, I'm a closet case myself. You're a great artist and an even better storyteller. Thank you.

Angelo said...

Zand Man!!! :) Nice to see you here. Glad you enjoyed One Night. Wait till you get your hands on Zsazsa!

Carlo is also one of the best persons to talk to about anything. He is one of my favorite, favorite coffee pals! I love this guy super!

Carver said...

Eroica. Yung budget shopping lang, ha? Heheheh. See you soon!

Angelo. Don't worry, I still won't buy P25,000 pants. Heheheh. One of these days, I'll have to ask you for tips. Missyouuuu!

Zandro. You're much welcome. Thanks for visiting! Glad to know you liked my work.

Jam said...

You are so rich na best friend! :-) I'm so happy for you. I remember you complaining about you have the world...robinson's nga lang. LOL. Shopping therapy, tell me about it. I'm so depressed here and homesick that I had to stay for 3 hours in Borders.

Carver said... could anyone get bored at Borders???? Heheh...miss you!


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