Sunday, July 17, 2005

Bland "Blonde"

One would think that after all the hype surrounding Peque Gallaga's return to the directing helm, along with the slick trailers of his latest work Pinoy Blonde, there ought to be some kind of viewer pay-off. Yes, it's not an ordinary Filipino film, but it's not that groundbreaking either.

I sat through it expecting to fall under a similar spell cast by Mike de Leon's Bayaning Third World. Two different breeds, yes, but both operating on efforts at deconstruction. Pinoy Blonde looks at film as Bayaning Third World looks at Philippine history, but the former attempts to add a level of cool through the use of a rock-based soundtrack, cartoon interstitials, , a few special effects, and casting Eppy and Boy2 Quizon in lead roles as actor and director wannabees.

The result is a mish-mash of visual tricks (many of which we've seen before), half-baked punch lines, a sprinkling of social commentary, and an episodic structure that leaves no emotional resonance. The cool factor is severely watered-down. To its credit, it kept my attention well enough for me to sit through the whole thing, and the opening credits were snazzy. With this odd soup being served, surely there must be a life-altering aftertaste. (The best moment for me was the duet between Eddie Garcia and Jaime Fabregas singing Maging Sino Ka Man.) But ultimately, Pinoy Blonde is a 90-minute roller coaster ride with an anti-climactic 10-foot crest that left me cold.

So cold, I couldn't even call the film a waste of life.


guile said...

at least it's not a weep-athon.. anyway, love the soundtrack..

Carver said...

Oh, I would've loved a weep-a-thon. Mas masayang panoorin 'yon. :)

And, yeah, the soundtrack... now THAT was cool.

Jonas Diego said...

Ey, Carver. Too bad they didn't include the gregorian chant version of "Hari ng Sablay" in the CD. :(


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