Friday, June 10, 2005


So Palawan is now under the administrative jurisdiction of Western Visayas. Crud. When the province was considered for inclusion in the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao over a decade ago (if my memory serves me well), a referendum was conducted. As it went, the Palawe├▒os said 'nay.' Now I'm wondering why no referendum was held for this new development.

Reminds me of that time when Marikina, once part of Rizal province, was attached to the NCR. We had to recondition ourselves into writing "Marikina, Metro Manila" from "Marikina, Rizal." And now I'm wondering how much different would it be, one way or the other? When you visit the center of the city, wondefully rehabilitated and improved by the Fernandos, the provincial feel hasn't left. Even with the Riverbanks development projects going on, the relaxed and homey atmosphere has been maintained.

As for Palawan, mom's home province has been part of the Southern Tagalog region for, like, forever. On an administrative level, or whatever level, it has held its own quite well. So this transfer should offer tremendous positive change to the province in the next few years.

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