Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Go Go Stop

Maybe it just ain’t my thing.

Last week, I went to the launch of Icon’s third issue (with no other than Borgy Manotoc on the cover) at Government Bar along Makati Avenue. As expected, the place was slowly filling up with gaggles of gay guys and a sprinkling of other orientations, but the proceedings hadn’t started yet. I was bored out of my wits.

So I took off for an hour, visiting the nearby Music 21 and braved the string of high notes in Sheryn Regis’ Come In Out of the Rain. With vocal chords stretched, I went back to Government and was informed that the party had started. I stepped into the smoky interiors and was greeted by the thump-thump of techno and shifting beams of green laser light.

The place was packed, but it was still easy to move around. The dance floor was boiling with stylish partyphiles, and up on the ledges were some nicely-built and scantily-clad go-go boys showing off their terpsichorean skills on the ledges. I stood just at the edge of the dance floor and took everything in—the sights, the sounds, the energy. I loved the way the lights played on go-go skin. Then, after 15 minutes or so, I was bored again.

The go-go boys were there as part of the Circuit Asia promotional tour. Circuit Asia, an all-male dance party featuring international deejays, kicked off its three-night extravaganza last Friday at the NBC Tent. I wasn’t able to go because of work, though I had heard that the attendance level didn’t reach jaw-dropping levels due to the ridiculous entrance fee.

I like to dance. I like being with the boys. I like ogling the go-go’s, but I’ve realized that that aspect of this whole gay lifestyle doesn’t float my boat much. Or maybe it’s a whole combination of things—my shyness, my inhibitions, my apocalyptic worldview, the fact that I lacked sleep at the time, I don’t know. But I’d still like to go to the next Circuit Asia party to really get the whole feel of it. It’s still an experience.

Oh, by the way. Do get a copy of Icon number three. Modesty aside, they run out fast.


Jonas Diego said...

Ang galing talaga! :)

Chase said...

Um... Do you know any store which still sells "One Night...". I've been trying to look for it in all the comics shop that I know pero wala. Thanks.

Carver said...

Jonas: Ang galing ng alin? :)

Chase: I stopped selling "One Night..." a long time ago. It had its day. :)

chase said...

wala na bang chance para makakuha ng copy. i really, really heard it was a blast. kahit isulat mo na lang sa papel ;) eniways, i'm a big ('di naman gano'n sobrang kalaki) fan of urs. i added u pala sa links. thanks. i liked d old luk of ur blog.


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