Thursday, January 27, 2005

To everyone who greeted me a happy birthday, many thanks!

It's great to be 26 forever.

I've never bothered with my birthday for quite some time now. Though, I must admit, the greets are nice to read and very uplifting. When people ask me, "How are you celebrating your birthday?" I usually say, "It depends if friends want to drag me out, otherwise it's just like any other day."

On the day itself, I was with a couple of friends going about the metro, just hanging out and working on plans and fulfilling errands. I was getting a lot of texts that day, and Ida teased, "Uuuy, may textmate siya. " I answered casually, "Of course, birthday ko ngayon eh."

They froze for a couple of seconds. An hour later, they treated me dinner.

Just one of those birthday perks for the unemployed.

So I've stopped aging since my 26th year on earth, and lately things have been more calm. Nothing groundbreaking or blogworthy, just calm. I breathe easier despite my smoking habits, and the gym has provided that nice chemical boost to my senses. I'm working on recalibrating the way I look at life, its beauty and devastation, its opportunities and setbacks, its loves and losses, and trying to see the good in all of them. I may fail, but I try.


bocceli said...

Can you please kill me now!!!! UGH!! Happy Birthday sweetie! :) HUGS!!!

Sherman said...

Bocceli - Why should I kill you when I can delight in your lifetime of guilt? Mweheheheh. Joke.

Thanks, bro. HUGGIES



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