So here I am surfing at a café in Pearl Plaza. A group of students hurriedly rush into the café, because someone had apparently thrown teargas along Pearl Drive. This is, like, nearly across the University of Asia and the Pacific. I don't know what's going on. As I write this, they're waiting for the coast to clear.


--- an hour later ---

It was at Cinnzeo where I found out what it was all about, and some of you may have caught it on the news. It was a high-tension life-threatening conflict...

... over parking space.

The guy at Cinnzeo gave out two names that I fail to remember, but it sounded like one of those pee-flying spats between sons of rich folks, something that apparently has been going on for some time.

Tsk tsk.


Jac said…
Just dropped by to greet you advance happy birthday (Jan 25) :D
Anonymous said…
Jac: Thanks, love.

tobie said…
Lapit na...


Walang gimmick?
O kayo lang?
balbona said…

advance happy b-day!! ngayon na kita i-greet, ngayon lang ako nakatakas sa bundok eh;)
Stupid little rich kids and their stupid little problems. I say give them a real problem and throw them in Bandah Ache so they see people with REAL problems.

Oh and by the way, Happy Birthday!! :)

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