Monday, January 31, 2005

About Richard

When it comes to showbiz news, sometimes you can hardly tell whose ‘truth’ is outright fact. But with the most recent brouhaha involving Richard Gutierrez, someone’s truth weighs heavier, leaving the other party looking like a fool.

The Buzz pounced on it, and S-Files was doing its darndest to protect GMA’s star teener. For how could Channel 7’s foremost tsismis show orchestrate a good defense against detailed testimonies, bruised faces, and blood-stained clothes?

It happened just recently at The Fort. The two supposed victims were in their vehicle just leaving the area of Embassy (they had come from another club) when the rear window was smashed by a rock. The driver, a radio jock by profession, rolled down his window to see what was going on outside, only to be met by fists in the face. He recognized only one attacker – Richard Gutierrez. After suffering numerous blows, he was pulled away by his companion who called out, “Richard, it’s me!” (The companion works for a store which Gutierrez supposedly frequents.) The poor chap got the same treatment. Their other companion, a girl, was screaming in the back seat.

When a voice called out that they had gotten the “wrong guy,” the attackers retreated. DJ and his companion alighted from the vehicle to get to the bottom of everything. Someone (later confirmed to be Bryan Revilla, the senator’s son) approached the DJ offering money to help with the expenses, and was refused.

Right after the two victims told their story to hosts Boy Abunda, Kris Aquino, and Cristy Fermin, the S-Files featured host Richard Gomez interviewing the very disturbed Gutierrez. Gutierrez said he wasn’t involved in the ruckus. He was celebrating his birthday with twin brother Raymond at Embassy when an “uninvited guest“ struck him at the back of his head and bolted away. His friends rushed out of the premises to teach the infiltrator a thing or two, and Richard boarded his BMW till the commotion stopped.

There were three things that were questionable during the S-Files interview. First was the way it was handled. If Gutierrez was telling the truth, why did he seem unprepared for a defense? If Gutierrez wasn’t really involved, why didn’t S-Files steer the questioning to identify the real culprits, if only to protect the network’s star? Second, when the show paused for a commercial break, promising the audience a continuation of the tell-all, it came back with a story about Mahal’s “casino scandal “ Third, and the and most telling of all, was the fact that Gutierrez’ right hand remained hidden – quite awkwardly -- from view throughout the interview. Gutierrez was called back later for a second interview, and we again don’t see his hand at all.

The Buzz quickly came back with the two accusers, who remained firm in their conviction about what really happened. The DJ aired out four points he wanted Gutierrez to address, including paying for the medical expenses and issuing a public apology. But there was no talk of pressing charges, something that Gutierrez’ handlers should’ve taken advantage of. If Gutierrez is indeed guilty, then fulfilling the four points could save him a lot of long-term grief. His reputation would be scarred, yes, but people forgive and forget the faults and fumblings of artistas anyway. And he’ll learn. The hard way. Which, in the spoiled realm of show businesses, is usually the best way.


Anonymous said...

tennister: I watched the DJ and the stylist on The Buzz, it was a pretty compelling watch. I hope Richard Gutierrez and his posse go to jail. I don't like them spoiled, rich, matinee idol brats especially since I had just read an interview of his (with Angel Locsin) in the papers portraying him to be such a good-natured boy. UGH.

Anonymous said...

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