Wanna know some more useless beauty pageant trivia?

1) The International Teen Princess pageant began in 1966. During its short nine-year run, three Philippine contestants had placed fourth overall. Iran had landed thrice in the top three, including its first place win in 1968.

3) Iran didn't seem too shabby in beauty pageants back then. In 1975, the Middle Eastern country won top plum in the Miss Teenage Intercontinental pageant. For over twenty five years has Iran ceased to crown a representative for world competition until recently.

3) Each year from 1985, the city of Machala in Ecuador has been hosting the World Queen of Banana beauty pageant. Yes, that's what it's called -- the World Queen of Banana. It was formerly the Banana Queen pageant when it started in the 60s and contestants came primarily from Ecuadorian cities. They have an average of 20 to 30 contestants every year.


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