Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Slow But Sure

I'm done with the first chapter of the Zsazsa Zaturnnah sa Maynila script, a little over 10% of the total length, and had let my cousin go through it. She giggled at some parts, which was encouraging. Not in others, though, so I hope to add more of the humor factor once I do the artwork. But the script flowed well, she said.

I really really really have to finish the entire script by end-December if I'm ever going to make the late-2005 release. Once I'm done with the first two or three chapters, I'll pass them on to my editors for their input, and start drawing the single-panel pages first. In an ideal world, I should submit the entire script in one go for edits, but to do that might push the release schedule into early 2006. We don't want that.

Total page count is around 230 to 250 pages, far longer than the first book. The progression is ideal - 56 pages for One Night In Purgatory, 143 pages for the first Zaturnnah book. A good test of endurance and patience. I'll be posting drafts of the new character designs in this blog once I'm nearly done with the pages. That should be around July.

During scriptwriting breaks, I've gone to finally begin designing for Vin's Twilight Empires. Vin has been affectionately demanding on this one, but it's a great design challenge. I could have done this waaaay before, but the pressures of the previous job and the consequent mental breakdown forced me to be unproductive for months thereafter. The initial designs look great, if I do say so myself.

So the pitch materials for Twilight Empires have to be done by end-December, too. That'll leave me free to finish Zaturnnah's next adventure. Sounds like a plan.

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