Wednesday, November 17, 2004

The Sixth Month

Now that it's the sixth month of gym-related sadism, I'm presenting the results below.

In summary, the upper arms improved most, while the blasted bloody waist improved least despite over 120 crunches per session and reduced fat and sodium intake. (I was able to go as low as 31 inches in 2002 from a high of 37, but I did a helluva lot of cardio then.)

But I'm very much content with the fact that the waist measurement fell as those of the other areas rose (save the hip area, which I attribute to fat loss), and I gained seven pounds in the process. I started working out at 145 pounds. I'm 152 now, with 8 more pounds to go before I reach my ideal weight.

Average improvement is 2.7%. Not as high as I had hoped, but it's still enough for me to smile. I intend to improve by at least the same percentage by end-May 2005.

Below are the detailed measurements, all in centimeters. (It's hard to be exact using inches.)

(measured from the widest point of the deltoids around the body)
Improvement - 2.9%, from 110.75 to 114

(measured from the lower part of the pectorals around the body)
Improvement - 3.7%, from 94.5 to 98

(measured from the navel around the body)
Improvement - 1.1%, from 92.5 to 91.5

(measured from the highest point of the gluteals around the body)
Improvement - 1.6% from 95.5 to 94

(measured from directly below the gluteals around the thigh)
Improvement - 0.9%, from 56.5 to 57.5

(measured from the highest point of the calf around the lower leg)
Improvement - 1.4%, from 36 to 36.5

Upper Arm
(measured from the highest point of the flexed bicep around the upper arm)
Improvement - 6.3%, from 31.5 to 33.5

Lower Arm
(measured from below the elbow around the lower arm)
Improvement - 3.8%, from 26 to 27

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