Tuesday, November 09, 2004

CG Magic

I've said before that Spiderman 2 was the superhero flick to beat, and it has been beaten in my book by The Incredibles, Pixar's latest release that once again pushes the possibilities of CG animation further.

As Pixar's first PG-rated film, The Incredibles features a solid story that is as engaging as the eye candy. The script is a delight to listen to, the character acting is top-notch, and the visuals are awe-inspiring. You don't have to be a superhero fan to love this film.

It has snatched over $70 million on its first weekend run in the US , and most critics have given it their thumbs up. Seeing it with the gang last Saturday night made me feel like a kid again.

What I really liked about the movie (semi-spoilers):

1. Elasti-Girl gives new spin to the stretching power, actually making it cool instead of generally boring.
2. The scenes with Edna Mode. I love her scaly-sleeved jacket.
3. Bomb Voyage.
4. The wonderfully choreographed fight scenes. The Incredibles really know their teamwork.
5. The chase scene through the forest between Dash and the evil henchmen. Can you say, video game?
6. The way they inserted the family drama without getting too mushy.
7. The cut-to-cut explanation of why capes are life-threatening.

When you sit through the credits, you'll notice a lot of "fabric consultants." CG fabric is difficult to pull off. Every crease and fold is dictated by the kind of fabric one wears, and you can actually see the difference in their treatments in the movie. Even the way CG hair behaves looks more fluid than that in Final Fantasy: The Spirits WIthin.

What I'm not looking forward to seeing, though, is Polar Express. As I've been telling my friends based on the trailer, the characters look like they've gotten a botox overdose.

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