Speaking of Beauty Contests...

The website Global Beauties, the online reservoir of beauty pageant news and features, features a country ranking grid in which countries are ranked according to their pageant performances in the past decade. The pageants considered are Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss International, and ... Miss Earth.

According to the statistical report, the top ten best performing countries are:

1) Venezuela
2) India
3) USA
4) Columbia
5) South Africa
6) Spain
7) Philippines
8) Puerto Rico
9) Russia
10) Brazil

The factors affecting country performance, according to the website, are: "winning or placing among finalists and semi-finalists in a 'big 4', winning special prizes such as Miss Photogenic, best national costume award, Miss Congeniality, talent award, scholarship awards, Webmasters' Choice Award (the official one, created and promoted by Global Beauties with the participation of dozens of websites dedicated to beauty pageants' coverage) and Miss World's continental queen of beauty (exclusively when such country does not place in the pageant)."


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