Friday, October 29, 2004

Miss What-on-Earth???

The crowning of Miss Earth 2004 was televised last Saturday night... er, Sunday morning. I caught the selection of the 16 semi-finalists at around 1030pm at a friend's house. When I got home and turned on the telly, Miss Brazil wasn't crowned till sometime 2am. Was that a delayed feed? Did the contestants actually endure over three hours of pageantry?

There were three bits about the show that I found downright off:

1) Dressing up the former Miss Earth in a Krystala costume for the video featurette on the contest prizes. I have nothing against Krystala, but having her in a world-class beauty contest doesn't quite fit.

2) Presenting the Miss Friendship award with a cheesy "interrogation video" where some of the contestants were made to act. It starts with black-clad men asking a contestant to join them in a dimly lit room (complete with overhead lamp). The contestant was slightly pushed to a stool and interrogated, to confess that one of the girls was being ultra-friendly. Testimonials from other contestants followed. In the end, the men asked Miss USA to the room: "Is it true that you helped Miss so-and-so when she collapsed during rehearsals?" The poor girl was then blindfolded, and smiling contestants were ushered in to give the big surprise. I mean, all that for a Miss Friendship award?

3) After that lengthy interrogation video, Miss USA is announced as Miss Friendship... "Miss Friendship wins US$500 and..." Huwag na lang sana i-announce ang prize money.

My friend couldn't contain herself. She buried her face in a pillow, overcome by shame. Pareho kaming kinilabutan.

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