Friday, October 15, 2004

The Continuing Saga of The Bum

Not really a bum, but it's starting to feel like it.


Out of the five applications I sent through, two are "in process," one is "kept for future consideration," and two haven't been viewed yet, though I had sent them almost two weeks ago. It's been a long while since I went jobhunting, so I'd forgotten how long the waiting can get.

Next week, I go to the Communication Department of De La Salle and see if they'll take me for a teaching position. (Crossing fingers that it'll be full-time.) I'm not expecting to get anything till the start of the next school year, however, since the latter end of the school year isn't normally basic subject territory. The commute should be fun -- MRT from Crossing to Taft, then LRT to La Salle -- which shouldn't take more than an hour. When I was commuting from Marikina to Taft , the ride took as long as two and a half hours.


I met with Richie and Angelo last night to discuss the initial feedback on Icon's first issue. Despite the still limited distribution through Filbar's and Mag:net, people have been picking up the mag and the shops have been reordering.

Word has it that two other gay magazines are going to be released before the end of the year. (Competition this soon? What fun!) There's the pressure, yes, but the entire editorial staff knows what the magazine is all about, what it stands for, and what it wants to achieve, and we can only hope that our target demographic/psychographic supports the mag's intent and vision.

Brainstorming for the next issue was fun and mentally draining, and to think that by that time, I had gone over 24 hours without sleep. Richie presented a list from a previous brainstorming session, and it was all a matter of seeing what could be accepted or altered or improved based on the issue's theme. Not an easy task, considering issue two covers January to March, but the results were encouraging. If everything is well-executed, we may have another winner.

Intermission: Something to do when you're bored

I just got a mistext: Sana makapunta ka na sa Lunes at anong section ka ba? Lovely

1. Who is Lovely, and who is she supposed to be texting?
2. "I hope you can already go on Monday..." Go where? Why wasn't the recipient unable to previously go?
3. Is Lovely referring to a section of a school? An institution?
4. What is the emotional context of this text? Sadness? Frustration? Is there a bitchy tone here?

Lovely is the codename of a high-ranking government spy, a glamorous tranny who doubles as a librarian in the University of the Philippines - Los BaƱos. Lovely is texting an enemy spy whom he currently has a secret relationship with. During one operation, the enemy spy was captured by government operatives and subjected to intense psychological torture. Lovely knows that his beloved is held in an underground containment facility in Masbate but is not sure of the exact "Section" in the facility. They usually have lunch on Mondays at the UPLB cafeteria but, due to recent events, they haven't seen each other for the past six weeks.

Not really a bum, but it's starting to feel like it.

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