Wednesday, September 29, 2004


Next month marks the fifth month of my gym ordeal. The target average improvement for the half-year period is 7%. It doesn't sound like a lot, but it's darn impressive to me given my limitations. I'll post some results (measurements, not pictures) in a few weeks.

By November, I modify the program to include a bit of cardiovascular exercise and some "slow burn" sets. Meaning, if it normally takes me 4 counts to do one repetition or rep, I prolong the rep with more emphasis on the eccentirc phase (or the part of the rep where you go back to your original position). The efficacy of the "slow burn" or "superslow" method in getting more bulk isn't supported by all (just most) fitness experts, though the consensus is that the method does add strength by keeping muscles loaded for an extended period of time.

From January to March next year, it'll back to the standard sweat-and-grunt mode, though I don't really grunt like the other gymjocks. I just want to get through till end-May than take it easy till the end of the third quarter. Finishing the next graphic novel will demand time.

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