Monday, September 27, 2004


In The Buzz a couple of weeks back, the Nakakata-Quote portion featured a starlet commenting on the proliferation of videos where she's allegedly featured, to which she comments, "Alin, 'yung siks bidyo?" The John Lapus voice over laughingly corrects her, paraphrasing, "Siks bidyo? Anim na video? O baka naman sex video."

How about that other starlet who was asked, "Ano sa tingin mo ang edge mo sa ibang starlets?"

Her response: "Edge? Edad?"

Many readers of Zaturnnah pointed to "samamabits maderpaker shet" as one of the top laugh draws.

I've had my own share of these. Saying "temptator" instead of "tempter" is one of my language battle scars. (Right, Vin?)

Let's face it. We love to laugh at these slip-ups. We ridicule those who can't enunciate English properly. Some regional accents will always be part of our humor. We laugh at "blessing from the sky" and "you can never can tell." Erap and Melanie have even banked on this. ("Don't judge my brother. He is not a book.") And I'm as guilty, as in!

Is this the fault of our colonial history? What do you think?

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