Sex and Sleep

My body clock has abruptly readjusted. While recently I’d fall into Dream Land from four to six in the morning, I now feel extremely sleepy before midnight. My eyelids are heavy as I type this. This dramatic shift is so disorienting. I haven’t slept anytime before 2 a.m. in the past decade.

A part of me had assumed that this is all psychological. There are times when I’d just refuse to sleep, carrying a need to stay awake in case something happens. Don’t ask me what that something is, because I wouldn’t know myself. But since the body clock readjustment started serendipitously after last week’s intimacy episode, I’m beginning to suspect that maybe that’s what I’ve been waiting for all along, and it disturbs me. What, all I needed was a roll in the hay to get my sleeping habits back in order?



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