The Comics Geek Name Game

While on our way to Music 21 last Saturday, Buddha tossed a little game for everyone to play. The objective was to enumerate Marvel Comics characters whose names began with each letter of the alphabet. It’s one of those little off-tangent challenges that only comics geeks could appreciate.

With four comics enthusiasts playing (Buddha, Vin, Nikki, and myself), one would think that names would spill out at the drop of the hat. Strangely, there was hardly an outpour. Sometimes we’d leave the more obvious ones out, and the more obscure ones get named first. While it took a long time for “Quicksilver” to register under Q, or “Psylocke” under P, the first name under U was “Unus the Untouchable.” I don’t recall “Ultron” ever being mentioned.

After going through Marvel, we headed on to DC, whose roster is less up my alley, but I managed to contribute a few with some Legion members thrown in for good measure. I was appalled when I found out that the enigmatic White Witch had been renamed as (correct me if I’m wrong) Princess Projectra, and then Queen Projectra. I mean, what heroine would find it in her to declare, “Feel the power of Princess Projectra!” and still keep a straight face?

But I guess that’s better than calling yourself The Red Bee.


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