Woke up at 10 in the morning, with a good two and a half hours sleep, to meet David Hontiveros for updates and banter. For two days, my body clock had found the call center mode. I'd sleep before lunch and wake up around 8 pm. Not good, unless I go for call center employment. So meeting up wih David for lunch seemed like an excellent way to make a readjustment.

Lunch was at Piadina - Megamall, and we talked for almost four hours over pizza (everything on it) and pasta (Italian sausage). If there's one thing I like about not seeing someone in a while, it'd be the abundance of subjects waiting for their chance at conversation. The four hours just flew by. Nakakabitin.

I headed for gym after. Chest, shoulders and triceps day, a relatively good session, though not as good as last week's leg day. I rushed to GNC to get a fresh supply of whey protein (MyoPro), enough for two-plus months. The housemates freaked out at the size of the jug.

At Podium after dinner and coffee, it was Alien vs. Predator. (They showed the Keannu Reeves' American-twanged Constantine trailer. So so.) The movie, whose concept was based on the Dark Horse comics series, was dumb and fun. Really dumb and fun. No stress, no artistic blah, and it makes you wanna chuckle. I liked it.


So the effort to readjust my body clock proved unsuccessful in a way. I slept at four in the morning and woke up at round six in the evening. After dinner, I had coffee with Vin and Andrew at Starbucks, talking about The Game of Thrones and the root of my difficulty with reading fiction. But I'll try The Game of Thrones. Mahirap nang ma-left out.

When Vinnie left for home, Andrew and I talked about his funk. A lot of people seem to be getting a creativity-related funk nowadays. To me, it all boils down to:

1) If you really want it enough, you'll find a way.
2) As a corollary to Number 1, choose the battles you fight and manage your risks.
3) If you're in it for the fame or the money or the attention, it's okay. You may not be wholly sincere in your artistic endeavors, but at least you're practical.
4) It's okay to be envious, as long as it doesn't eat you alive.
5) Being prolific isn't always a good thing.

Anyways, I met up with friends and went to the new IO videoke joint along Mother Ignacia in Quezon City. A really nice swanky place, each room named after a Pinoy singing sensation (we got Pops Fernandez). At 75 pesos per head per person, it's cheaper than Music 21, though the food seems to be more expensive. It closes at 3 a.m., though.

Then it was coffee at the Peninsula before heading home. Sleeping at three in the afternoon, I guess my body clock's totally fucked up now.


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