Saturday, July 10, 2004

My Friday started out pretty well. The plan was to go to the Kestrel office during the lunch hour for official business, then have lunch with my cousin in Greenhills. Little did I know that taxis were taken around that time, leaving my cousin and I standing along San Miguel Avenue in the sweltering heat. My sweat glands were working overtime, and the ickiness was too much to handle. Cousin and I opted for lunch first, hopping onto an FX for Megamall and having bento boxes at Sushi-Ya.

After business at Kestrel, I had my first cup of coffee for the day at the renovated Country Waffles along Annapolis. Then it was off to Don Henrico's Makati to meet up with my former Islacom co-workers. As usual, topics of conversation went from the sensitive to the insane, of two-timing husbands and queens of crime, to thieving relatives and porn-feasting high schoolers. The overdose of humor was gratifying.

(By that time, my celphone went dead on me. Apologies, Vin, for not being able to respond to your text.)

We parted ways at around 10pm, and I went off to Chili's for another round of coffee. (They have a smoking room. Wheeee!) There, I whipped out my pad and doodled stuff for Zsazsa In Manila, particularly the new characters. Drawing them over and over again makes me more familiar with their physical nuances, very important for consistency.

So now I'm home, half-thinking of what to do tomorrow. There's the work out, plus a meeting with some Ateneo high schoolers. Deliver the dirty laundry to the washers. Do some comics stuff.

Then karaoke. It's been a while.

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