Muscle Talk
I almost tore my lateral deltoid, the left one, during yesterday’s workout. Nothing serious, not like the last time three years ago. While it was the lateral dumbell raise that did it last, it was 75 pounds on the shoulder press machine this time.

I could still move my left arm around, thank goodness, though I had to immediately re-tailor my remaining exercises so as not to hit that part of the shoulder. Hopefully that area will heal once I tackle the shoulder exercises again next Saturday.

My shoulder has always been a problem. The area that holds my humerus, or the bone of the upper arm is, well, incomplete, which causes a clicking sensation whenever I lower my arm from a certain raised position. It’s not painful, just annoying. I’ve read about this condition and it’s quite common; the reference includes an exercise that corrects this.

It doesn’t help my arms are on the long and slender side. The longer range of motion prevents me from loading too much on a lot of free-weight exercises. There’s an extra strain on my shoulders, making this area of my upper torso perhaps the most difficult to develop.

On the positive side, three short months of intense weight training has shown positive results. I measure the progress every month. The jump isn’t astronomical, and it may take another year for me to build myself to a level I’m satisfied with, but I’m happy with what’s happening.


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