Bunch'a Comics

Vin gave us a whole bunch'a comics. It was Free Comic Book Day yesterday, where American comics publishers, both major and independent, produce pamphlets of their works to be given out to the general audience. This move is supposed to reorient the market's perception that comics are primarily for kids, and subsequently get more people interested to try out the new stuff.

So in our goodie bags we had a pile of stuff of mostly the independent sort, and it's going to take some time for me to get through all of them. From the few I've leafed through, Paulo Siqueira's art for Avatar Press' Gypsy made me an instant fan. I suspect his influences include Terry Dodson and P. Craig Russell, though I'm not sure if the inker had something to do with it. HIs style is clean and simple, paying close attention to anatomy, and he does good backgrounds too.

There were a number of comics from keenspace.com, the online comics reservoir, and some of the lot were in trendy/practical digest size. Most notable of all was the giveaway of TokyoPop, the only free comic book so thick it required a spine. Capturing a chunk of the bookbuyer share, TokyoPop has a lot of moolah to burn, and it shows.

I'm going to take things slow with the pile. I'm supposed to rest my brain.


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