Sunday, April 04, 2004

Updating Myself

Now that I’ve the Siglo script down pat, I’ve to get to work on the art of that, my story contribution to the Alamat Anthology, a little project with Jason, Vin’s Twilight Empires (yes, yes, it’s been a while), the Zsazsa in Manila script, and a few other bits, all of which should be in the can before October.

I’ve begun writing the script for Zsazsa in Manila, and I must say that I haven’t felt this excited about writing. I honestly felt this high-schoolish tingle and found myself smiling as I typed up the first ten pages, which involves scenes focusing on Ada and Dodong. The other scenes have been slowly creeping in, and I can’t wait to put them all down, especially the parts where the villains will appear. The major bad guy logically has snakes for hair.

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