Monday, April 26, 2004

Side Trip

I was supposed to vegetate this weekend, since the load at work has left me for brain-dead, but I couldn’t pass up the chance to see Tobie again after weeks of not seeing him. It was a small birthday party all the way in Parañaque, but I didn’t mind the trip since I needed to get away from the metropolis for a while.

I got there at 10:30 in the evening, just when things were starting to wind down. It was a delight seeing Sam, Oliver, Fero and James again, too. After an hour of catching up, we settled at the game table for a round of The Great Brain Robbery, a suspenseful board game by Cheap Ass games.

To simplify the mechanics: players start the game without brains. They start at the end of the train and work their way up to the engine while picking up brains, hoping to get the brain with the highest IQ number. If a player gets a good-enough brain, he can “install” it in his head and get the bonuses that brain gives, whether it be in additional movement, or additional damage if the player gets into a fight. During the course of a game, a player can discard the brain he’s installed in favor of a better one he manages to pick up later on, or he can fight with another player to steal his better brain.

Once a player feels he’s got the best brain, he has to make it to the front engine car to turn on the two brakes. Naturally, as the players reach the front end of the train, the game becomes a potential fight fest among the players to grab the best brain from an opponent and make it to the brakes. Fero won the game, with a 180 IQ brain.

There were plans to play White Wolf’s Changeling RPG, but I needed to go, so I hitched a ride with Fero and Oliver to Sucat at one in the morning, and took an “air-continuous” bus towards home. After a few hours of playing Freedom Force on the PC, I went straight to bed, and started my Sunday at five in the afternoon.

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