Tuesday, April 06, 2004


Cousin and I were talking last night about dressing up. Now fashion isn’t in my top five list of expenses, and I’ve been for the most part going about life in the plainest of plainclothes, with a few rags thrown in from way back.

A couple of years ago, a dear friend of mine who’s a self-annointed fashion devotee benevolently berated me over my choice of socks, in that the colors didn’t go well with my pants and shoes. In the most apologetic manner, he oriented me on the basic points of color coordination, and I could only listen with much interest and intent.

Right now, I could say I know which colors suit me, thanks to dear friend and a book entitled…ahem… Color Me Beautiful. The book classifies skin shades into the four seasons and recommends colors that bring out those shades. I’m on the Autumn side, which translates to the darker, muted hues.

Cousin strongly suggested that I wear collared shirts. The only reason why I dislike wearing collared shirts is the fact that I sweat quite profusely, and that icky feeling around the nape is less than welcome. Also, I have a hard time looking for those of the right size and that are not insanely expensive. I saw this really great shirt in Celio, but I wouldn’t spend two grand for it (or for any piece of casual clothing for that matter).

So my current course is to go for the basic, “safe” clothes and acquire accessories instead. This reflects my basic and safe personality, anyway. Maybe I’ll get a couple of fashionista get-ups just so’s I have something to wear to the ball. Maybe I’ll get my ears pierced. Whatever.

Or maybe I’ll just work on the most fundamental fashion item – attitude.

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