Monday, April 05, 2004

The Passion of The Christ. I'm not quite sure what to make of Mel Gibson's latest directorial effort, a two-hour focus on the final moments of Jesus of Nazareth. It was...nice. There's some tried-and-tested Hollywood touches that added interest to this timeless story, (When was the last time you saw CG and cinematographic effects in a Jesus movie?) and the use of Latin and Aramaic lent a lot to the realism and atmosphere. The much-talked about inhuman punishment inflicted on Jesus is... well, you have to watch it. I must admit it was difficult to sit through it all, which may perhaps be the intention of Gibson. As a whole, though, there was something about the experience and the film that wasn't quite right, like pancake batter that's lumpy despite its sweet taste. The Passion of the Christ may find its place as one of the most important Catholic films ever made, and it's already broken into the top ten all-time US box office list, but you have to be in a certain zone to get to the heart of it. Oh, and please do not believe the PG13 rating.

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