Thursday, March 04, 2004

Wala lang.

While having lunch at Thai In A Box – Greenhills, some guy engaged in small talk with one of the waiters, saying that Halina Perez died in a vehicular accident. “Durog nga ang katawan,” guy quipped.

I’ve only seen Halina Perez in one film, the title and plot of which I fail to remember despite having seen it last year. And her role was characteristic of most roles given to neophyte “boldstars” -- a woman given the short end of the relationship stick. There were opportunities to shed both clothes and tears, showing the world that she can act up a storm despite her label.

Claudia Zobel also died in a vehicular accident, yet it was during a time when “bomba” stars were relatively fewer and the public more or less knew who these women were. She wasn’t a top-tier actress; acting prowess or lack thereof wasn’t much of a big issue. But still, her death was a major showbiz story. Now, nymphets are coming out of the woodwork in droves, all struggling to get a piece of the limelight by whatever means. Pick a fight here, file a lawsuit there, join a political rally half-naked...

Though I haven’t been following showbiz news as religiously as I used to, I haven’t heard much controversy involving Halina Perez. All I hear about her are the movies she’s making, and perhaps that says something about her as a struggling actress. In that one movie I saw, she delivered quite well save a few moments of awkwardness. I guess I feel a bit sad over her death. Like something was aborted, I dunno…

Wala lang.

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