Monday, March 15, 2004


Nothing major to report as far as the weekend was concerned. I woke up rather late Saturday, and was only able to deal with laundry in the late afternoon. Saturday night was with the gang, a reduced version, having a filling dinner at Tequila Joe’s El Pueblo to celebrate Dean’s appearance in a prestigious international fantasy anthology. Way to go, Dean-bo!

After getting initial feedback on my Siglo script, I set myself down for a revision. I had known something was wrong with it since the time I finished the first draft, reading and rereading it to the point of eyesore, but I wanted to get initial opinions about it to convince myself I was going in the right direction.

With the first revision done, I still wasn’t content, so I took time off to meet Vin at Starbucks Pearl Drive to talk shop, since he’s a more diligent and knowledgeable writer than I am. In that thirty minute conversation, the nerves in my cranium pulsed anew. I went back home and tried a second revision.

I’m a little more content with what the script has turned out to be, chopping off stuff and adding new bits. But doing it all in 14 pages was no treat since, being a comics creator, I had to think of the visual pacing and the verbal pacing at the same time. From how large panels should be in relation to each other, to the camera angles of each panel, the objective of each page, and the placement of balloons and caption boxes. It’s fun and challenging despite the headache.

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