Saturday, March 13, 2004

From the Sketchbook

Yes, I've been getting requests for a nude drawing of Dodong. When I asked Dodong about this, he just issued a manly chuckle and said, "Bahala na." Didi jumped into the conversation with a yap, "Ano? Ido-drowing mo si Dodong na nakahubu't-hubad, tapos libre?! Maningil ka naman!!"

Friend Angelo had asked me weeks before if he could put up some of my original stuff for online auction. I agreed, naturally, but that was preceded by the question: "Would anyone actually buy the stuff?" During the Siglo launch, the original pages of the book were put up for auction, and some of the artists scored some lucky takes. This has convinced me more that there are people who are willing to buy original comics art in this country.

I wonder: How much would one pay to have Dodong nude?

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