Mel Gibson's new and ambitious project as director is The Passion of the Christ, which focuses on the last 12 hours of the life of Jesus Christ. The R-rated movie is scheduled for release in a couple of weeks in North America. It can be predicted that it will hit Philippine shores on Holy Week.

In a Newsweek cover article, the film has received praises from the likes of Billy Graham and The Pope despite a few raised eyebrows from scholars, particularly how Gibson interpreted the personalities of key figures and the Jews in general.

The film has got "gimme an Oscar" written all over it, not to mention box office success. The trailer has got that Hollywood flair in it, making it look like an LOTR trailer sans the special effects, but admittedly giving me gooseybumps. It is highly possible that this film can break the all-time record high of James Cameron's Titanic. I find extra appeal in it being played out in Aramaic with English subtitles.

Oh, and Mary Magdalene is portrayed by Monica Bellucci, who really needs to exorcise herself from her unflattering turn in The Matrix.


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