Tuesday, January 13, 2004

On the Move

Later this month, I’ll be hauling my ass and 90% of my personal belongings to my new home in the Shaw Boulevard – Pasig area. A bit steep on the rent, but it’s highly accessible, a mere jeep ride away from the Shangri-La mall. It’s a decent offset – whatever I save from taxi fares will help lots for the monthly dues. If I run short on cash, or if in the fortuitous event public transportation ceases operations, I can walk all the way home; it’s a concept I’m very much familiar with.

I’ve tasted the life of semi-independence in the late 90s, when I lived for over three years in Makati. The situation now is different, though, because unlike my other friends who conveniently have the home of their childhood as a last resort, there will technically be no Marikina home to get back to when things get rough. (The reason constitutes a long story which has yet to end; I can only hope that it’ll end happily, or else it’s off to Palawan when worse comes to worst.) So apart from the rent, utilities, laundry, food, and what-nots to worry about, I’ve to work doubly hard to make sure I can afford another move in the future.

Anyway, the challenge at present is deciding what to take along and what to discard, since I’m contemplating over the stuff I’ve accumulated over my entire life here. It’s a nice exercise of discretion and economy, and it’s very much akin to therapeutically “letting go of the past and its baggage.” I’ve so far neatly packed away six document-boxes worth of personal files, references, books and comics and other teeny-tiny but important things, and I don’t think I’ll break the ten-box mark. Those sans the computer and my clothes. Not bad, in my book.

So when googlism revealed that “carlo is at a turning point in his life,” it couldn’t have been more accurate. Last year, I had an arguably successful book out and a movie deal to boot, numerous projects, and a full-time job. What’s in store for me in the year of the Monkey now that I’m about to exercise greater self-reliance? I have no idea. But over the past New Year’s Eves, I’ve vowed to make every year my year. And so far, so good.

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