Sunday, January 04, 2004

Managing Resources

Tomorrow begins another work day at Kestrel IMC where I once again don the hat of graphic designer. There's a project that's waiting to be dealt with, for rounds of mad-rush edits and clean-ups before final transmission to the US-based printing press in less than a couple of weeks.

Same old, same old.

The discipline of graphic design differs greatly from comics creation, though certain guiding principles are shared. Despite these similarities, comics creators don't necessarily make good graphic designers. I consider myself one of the few lucky ones who can make the shift.

But as I've mentioned in previous entries, dividing mental resources across different disciplines is a schizophrenic process, especially if these disciplines comprise one's profession. And because graphic design and comics creation are visual-based endeavors, there's that part of the brain that gets a greater beating. It was easier in my previous job, wherein a good chunk of my time was devoted to public relations activities, particularly journalistic writing, project coordination, and event hosting.

To soften the mental blows, I've spent the Christmas break doing nothing related to the two, save perhaps doing some thumbnail sketches for Twilight Empires and Zsazsa In Manila, as well as perusing my old design books for fresh inspiration. Most of the time was spent watching some filmfest entries, chatting on the internet, working out, and hooking up with those I haven't seen in ages. I've also tried, with not much success, to read and write.

So more or less I've got a plan for the year to manage my personal resources and prevent the recent burn out from happening again. I'll be turning 33 in a few weeks, but I don't feel old, only mismanaged. The past three years have given me better insight on how I function and what my limits are, so I'll just have to see if my new strategy will prove beneficial to me. Wish me luck.

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